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Trainings & Workshops

We can't train our way out of racism. But education is a start. Being an organization committed to racial and social justice begins with understanding how our biases show up in the workforce and social life. That’s where I step in. I conduct workshops, trainings, and keynotes on implicit bias, anti-racism, and creating equitable hiring processes. A mix of humor, cutting-edge research, and expert facilitation makes every lesson land.



"I was really impressed with Jeraul's ability to speak on sensitive issues without putting people on the defensive. Using humor, and exuding humility, he disarms the audience. With defenses lowered, people actually listened and shifted their perspective."

— Technology Professional

Creating an organizational culture that’s fair to all requires intentional processes that build trust and understanding. I help organizations uncover and address the implicit and explicit barriers that leave exceptional talent on the sidelines and help leaders get unstuck. Together, we can transform intention into actionable measurable solutions that stick. Let's strive together.

  • League of Women Voters

  • Parenting Journey

  • Commonwealth Corporation

  • Goddard Systems Inc.

  • Smith College

  • Society of Black Doctoral Students

  • Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Happy clients include:
  • Southern Poverty Law Center

  • Young & Rubicam

  • Wunderman

  • Massachusetts Climate Action Network

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts

  • Isaacson Miller

  • Improv Asylum

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